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Jonathan Chase

Your teacher Jonathan Chase, is an award winning hypnotist and mentalist, best selling author, Non-Executive Director, and brain trainer of thousands over the last four decades. Lauded by the media as “Britain’s leading hypnotist” Jonathan has experience in helping successful people like you to find your lost Mojo, build your legacy and enhance your skills to make an even bigger impact; whatever game you’re playing.
Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist

If you’re feeling stuck, stymied or stale and you need to up your game, then all you need is encouragement, advice and training to enhance your skills.

 Jonathan used his SubSkills to get from his coal mining background to the Stage of Las Vegas despite Muscular Dystrophy and using a wheelchair.

This is your chance to help yourself to fast, fun, effective ‘secret’ techniques from Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism and NLP to get More Profit, More Pleasure and More Time to Play.

‘How to make friends with yourself and Influence People’ is Jonathan Chase’s take on using your subconscious talents to get Comfortable Confidence, Increased Influence and Personal Presence.

This audio and video programme, has been honed and fine tuned over a decade – we show you what works because we’ve used it…

You have found all this and more with Jonathan’s Subconscious Skillset, the easy way to Subconsciously Influence People

> Enhance people’s life experience so they return the favour

> Make people feel good around you so they give you what you need

> Develop almost instant like and trust

> Enhance your presence and impression so they recommend you, Word of mouth is the best marketing

> Enjoy your encounters with people more – It feels good to steer others to feel good

  • Help Yourself to keep your Head in the Game

    Drill down into yours and others Subconscious moments of fascination. To utilise your intention - Create an Impact - Be comfortable and confident.

  • You'll get results Immediately

    listen to the first 2 hour audio class, write your Core Rapport perfect day, and in less than a working day you’ll be able to see yourself, and your future, with more clarity than a mountain spring pool – we promise…​

  • Live Masterclass Q&As

    Ask your questions for us to answer. The video will then be added to your library to grow your understanding.

Techniques That You Already Have On-board Will Be Easily Enhanced

> It gets installedYou Won’t Need To Work Or Study

> You Don’t Need Special Language Skills - No un-natural and awkward embedded commands to master

> ‘Trance’ Is Not Part Of The Process - Hypnosis is not trance, it's suggestion and fascination

Normal Skills You Already Have Just Need Turned On - When the DELIBERATE INFLUENCE AND INTENT is turned on then you will get to choose when it happens and what the result is going to be.

Playing And Experimentation Are Vital - even as an adult you learn more in the playground experimenting and trying things out than you ever do in the class room

Recommended by Industry Leaders

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    TODD NEWTON - Emmy Award Winning TV Personality, Keynote Speaker, Host With The Most™
    Success leaves clues. Serious Hypnotism begins right here

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    JOHN BROPHY - Divisional Manager Asean Australia & New Zealand at Devere Group​
    Jonathan Chase is the best teacher in the world for what he does.

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    ZOE CLEWS - 1 Harley St London. "London’s Most Recommended Hypnotherapist"
    Jonathan increased my confidence so I work much more quickly, efficiently and dynamically.

Risk Free

We're so sure that you'll be able to put these techniques to work to enhance your experience of life, that if after 30 days when you have undertaken the exercises in the action books, and you aren't entirely satisfied that you haven't gained anything from these easy techniques, then we will refund your investment without any further obligation on your part and you will be able to keep any downloaded material.

What You'll Learn

The easy way to know yourself, your clients, and how to Influence productively and with confidence.

  • 23 Audio Files

    5 weeks of audio learning. Including: Know what you want - Core Rapport process: Know how to find your perfect client: Momentous Moments of Subconscious Dominance: Elevator Pitch the easy way: Five stage Formula to Influential Dominance

  • 37 Video files

    Includes: Your Perfect Day: Attracting the Right Clients: Pre-Supposition: Using Emotions and Stories: The Influence IN Crowd: Influential Language

  • 2 downloadable e-books, 5 Practice Guides, 3 Summary sheets

    Includes: How to make friends with Yourself & Influence people by Jonathan Chase - the full transcript of the audio. Subconscious Skills Success - Subskills are the little things you do to get what you want Jonathan Chases latest book. Plus downloadable practice guides and summary sheets.

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If you’re a Success Seeker then this book by subconscious mind expert, Jonathan Chase, reveals how you can use the secrets of your subconscious #SubSkills to master the little things you do to get what you want.

Expert, Executive, Entrepreneur, Director, Leader, Professional. Consulting, Networking, Negotiating, Selling, Speaking, Training?

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” Jon Chase used his SubSkills to get from his coal mining background to award winning Edutainer and the Stage of Las Vegas despite Muscular Dystrophy and using a wheelchair.
Subconscious Skills Success book Jonathan Chase The Hypnotist